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We develop a simple cultural dynamics model to dicuss the spread hinoeuma the hinoeuma superstition in Japan. A large drop in the number of newborn babies hinoeuma in was attributed mainly to parents' avoiding click here a child born in a hinnoeuma year.

Presumably, Japanese parents were afraid that a daughter born in a hinoeuma year might later have difficulty finding a mate. We construct mathematical models to examine whether the hinoeuma superstition would likely become extinct or be stably maintained in the population. We classify members of a population according hinoeuma whether they believed the hinoeuma superstition believer or nonbelievertheir gender male or femalehinoeumx their year of birth born in a hinoeuma year or popess tarot. We compare several cases that differ according to 1 whether the belief in the superstition was transmitted to children by matrilineal, patrilineal, or Mendelian inheritance; 2 which parent controlled the timing of pregnancy and childbirth maternal or paternal birth hinoeuma ; and 3 binoeuma probability of birth control failure.

Our results show that the hinoeuma superstition is likely to spread if the mother has a strong influence on birth control and on the belief of their children. In hinoeuma, if birth control is paternal and the belief is passed down from father to hinoeuma, the hineuma superstition is likely hinoeeuma become extinct, hinoeuma.

In between these extremes, whether hinoeuma superstition becomes extinct or fixed in the population depends on the initial frequency of believers in the population. All rights reserved.


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They found that if the mother has strong influence over birth control and on the belief being inherited by children, then the superstition may persist. But he acknowledges that the absence of a single powerful religious belief in Japan may explain the sheer number of superstitions.

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hinoeuma (plural not attested). The year of the fire horse in the sexagenary cycle of the Japanese traditional calendar, last occurring in Women born in. It is the superstition centered around the year of hinoeuma: the fire horse. Superstition is everywhere. We've seen it recently in soccer players at.

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Spirit of the woman once Hinoeuma (Hinoeuma Woman) to born in (‚Äč) ISBN: [Japanese Import] on propobosto.ga *FREE* shipping on. Request PDF | Cultural evolution of hinoeuma superstition controlling human mate choice: The role of half-believer | In this study, we used a cultural dynamic. The Case of Hinoeuma in Japan | The births in in Japan dropped by 25% because of the Hinoeuma ("Fiery Horse") superstition, which says that a woman.
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