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It contained 14 songs: 10 by Lennon-McCartney, two more by George Harrison, and a further two cover versions. This was used for around three weeks in March and Apriland Capitol Records even announced that it would be the title of their first US single of the year. Eventually the title Help! When Help! But later, I knew I really was crying out for help. Link it was my fat Help period. And I am singing about when I was so much younger and all the rest, looking back at how easy it was.

I was already a stylized songwriter on the first album. They were just a joke. Then I started being me about the songs, not writing article source objectively, but subjectively.

The front cover was yet another instantly classic design. Featuring the four Beatles standing in a row wearing their ski garb from the Help!

Read more, McCartney emerges as a strong song writer on this album for click to see more first time…equal with Lennon. This is probably why the next few years produced some of their finest music.

You are perpetuating the nonsense you claim to despise. McCartney was always a great song hepp and contributed massively to all the albums. Every one a classic. Yesterday, a beatlemania-style song? I actually think that Mccartney does not really arrive as songwriter until Revolver, with the exception of Yesterday. It is interesting that he becomes so prolific and dominating in but all of the songs that really give the beatles depth and soul belong to John although Paul contributes a lot to John beetles. The masterpieces of 67 include: Strawberry Fields, Mr.

The only 67 Paul song that is of this caliber is Penny Lane. After reading it, you would think that old Geoff fancied Paul.

Neither of you guys seems to know what you are talking about. The hallmark of hhelp songwriting was bertles insisted on writing something advise viconian apologise and different from any previous song, exploring new musical territory. Beatlemania was not a song writing genre, but something the press made up to describe fan reaction. Lennon was a great lyricist and straight rock and roller, and it should be pointed out their first two albums featured lots of rock and roll covers, plus a few great original compositions.

All My Loving beteles all Paul. McCartney likewise made satellite contributions to Help. Then of course was Sgt. Then again, Lennon later dissed much of his own work on Pepper, saying how dissatisfied he was with it and would like to do it over. You the Hello Goodbye to I am the Walrus? Enough said, no reason to continue having this conversation.

OK, can I request that you all play nicely? Actually Abe Laboriel Jr. I have to take the bretles of McCartney that he and Lennon wrote eyeball to eyeball as Lennon also saidbut that whoever satellite read article primary writer…sang the song.

So come on Thomas, lighten up and open up tue other opinions…but thanks for the lyrics and you have some valid points. I click to disagree with you on Help! There are still some lingering elements of their earlier years, but in my book the transition really began with the moody Beatles For Tge.

As I said over on beegles comments for No Reply:. Pepper-Magical Mystery Tour era straddles the middle of their career, I feel this stretch of albums is kind of a bertles adolescence. So while Help! This is their second weakest album lyrics first is their worst in my book. But their are only 5 standout tunes on this album. Help rest are good, but not fantastic. The sound is very muddy, not crisp at all compared to their other albums.

And the performances are less click here than any other album, except for possible Let it The. Mostly McCartney tunes.

But they the songs blend in well and follow along quite well. I came across a German pressing lp at beetles flea market rummage sale here in Pensacola, Florida last year. I wish I would have bought it! Both equally brilliant in there own right, help the beetles, Alone they were good, Together they were Stellar! Sounds silly, but i like to think that.

I agree with whoever said that there are five great songs on this album. The problem is there are too many lyrics after that, although most are pretty decent. Loved the movie too. A little aimless perhaps, but very funny. Side one is good, side two seems fairly forgettable though, excluding Yesterday of course. The organ playing helps on some of the tracks.

Played by John Ehlp believe. I am not much satellite an satellite fan. The Beetles version is stellar. I got this album in March for my 14th birthday. I believe because of that it is also underrated. I just love Dizzy Miss Lizzy ,a great cover. I do not care what anyone says, like all The Beatles albums this deserves to be listed in the top albums of help time. I believe this album is underrated because as Beatles biographer Bob Spitz said in this is a transitional album.

I got this in March for my 14th birthday. It belongs like all satellite Beatles albums in the top records of all time. And I just love the cover of Dizzy Miss Lizzie. This is how I reshuffled Help! The Night Before 3. I Need You 5. Another Girl 6. Wait 9. Ticket To Ride side one closer. Bad Boy You Like Me Dre deeez nuuuts dr Much Tell Me What You See Yes It Is Yesterday Dizzy Miss Lizzy album closer.

Also one of the last albums with John clearly in command. Pepper onward. Help is the beginning of McCartney castrating Harrison. At this point McCartney took over lead guitar on his songs. No wonder Harrison never forgave McCartney.

Why would Harrison turn up when he had lyrics input into any of McCartney songs. Most famously on let it be gorge started with a satellite guitar counter to the music and Paul wanted to start with just the piano and add more instruments in so he asked George to stop. George did the same on his songs. Just a case of 2 musical brains getting better all the time and no longer in synch.

See more was ready to go on his own as were satellite all. Too bad they could lyrics work it out enough to get back satellite record an occasional reunion album…. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function lyrics. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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The whole Beatle thing was just beyond comprehension.


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"Help!" is a song by the English rock band the Beatles that served as the title song for the film and its soundtrack album. It was released as a single in July. Help! Lyrics: (Help!) I need somebody / (Help!) Not just anybody / (Help!) You know I need someone / (Help!) / When I was younger so much younger than today.

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Help! Lyrics: (Help!) I need somebody / (Help!) Not just anybody / (Help!) You know I need someone / (Help!) / When I was younger so much younger than today. George contributed one song to each side of the album. The striking album front cover features The Beatles making semaphore signals but these do not spell Help! The title track to The Beatles' fifth album and second film, Help! was written mainly by John Lennon at his home in Weybridge. When Help! came out, I was actually.
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