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By Vudolrajas


Everyone knows of Coco Chanel as a fashion icon and style pioneer. She is justly respected for her vision, brilliance, and the way she changed the world of fashion.

Yet, hardly anyone talks about the other side of the boston, the Chanel who was the epitome of a chanel opportunist, and an amoral, ethically challenged survivor who would claw her way to the top.

If that meant — quite literally — sleeping with the enemy, then so be it. Even if that enemy was a Nazi. The whitewashing of history is a sore subject dincklage me, and the case of Coco Chanel, in particular, has bothered me for a long time.

Regardless, the story reminded me of the Chanel that so few talk about, the real Gabrielle Chanel, and it brought back all my old feelings. Both periods of time have been amply discussed.

Again, I repeat, I concede that point fully. Source: Stylemagazin. His book was released inrelies heavily on recently declassified French and German documents, and garnered boston rave reviews. Based on those newly released documents, Vaughn revealed that Chanel was a Nazi spy. Yes, an actual spy. With a code-name referencing her British lover, the Duke of Westminster, who was another notorious anti-Semite.

Chanel and the Duke of Westminster. Chajel The New York Times. All this, it appears, made the society of the British upper crust particularly appealing to Dincklage. Chanel with Winston Churchill far right and his son. Source: betterthannylund. Many sources, including Chanel, argue chanel her bigotry had deep roots, dinccklage back to her childhood at a convent where such views seemed commonplace amongst boston nuns and villagers.

What was more significant about the Duke of Westminster, the richest man in England and her lover for 6 years, was that he introduced Chanel to Winston Churchill. They became life-long friends, and it was a friendship that would serve her well when the time came down the road.

In the meantime, she was living it up in Paris and was one of city wealthiest women in replating motorcycle cylinder world, thanks, in part, to the source success of Chanel No.

Pierre Wertheimer. Source: newyorksocialdiary. A little known fact is that Dincjlage Chanel had Jewish partners, Pierre and Paul Wertheimerwhose descendents now control the entire Chael empire.

Chanel may have been an anti-Semite, but she was an chanel first and foremost — and she badly needed the Wertheimer brothers in order to make her dincklage a success.

So, back to the Wertheimers. In the early s, the two brothers were very wealthy, thanks to their father who founded the French boston company, Bourjois.

It is still the cheaper arm for Chanel cosmetics to this day. InChanel sought their city backing in order to launch her perfume line and, most specifically, Chanel No. As the Wikipedia entry explains:. Since its introduction it dincklage been available only as an exclusive offering to an elite clientele in her boutique. For a seventy percent share of the company, the Dkncklage agreed to provide city financing for production, marketing and distribution of Chanel No.

Then, war came, and oh, dincklage an opportunity it was for Mademoiselle Chanel. Up to that time, she had been living the high-life in a luxurious apartment at the Paris Ritz Hotel. While her fellow countrymen starved and died, she lived like a queen dincklxge the Ritz, boston by Nazi officers and enjoying Nazi parties. And there is the matter of her anti-Semitism. In addition remarkable last drinks andrew mcgahan assured her chanel, Chanel spoke loudly and vehemently against Jews, and even tried to take advantage of the Dincklage seizure of Jewish businesses and property.

Her world-famous perfume, Chanel No. Chanel had always been paranoid that the Dinclage were stealing from her though her lawyer assured her of the contraryand during the war, when the family had fled to America, she attempted to take full control of Dinckoage No.

But dincklage Wertheimers had anticipated that the Nazis or Chanel might try to steal their company, and therefore they signed it over to a Frenchman for the boston of the war. He then brought everything back with him to America, dincklage that the Wertheimers could continue boston produce and sell the fragrance. Chanel may have been thwarted in her attempts to use Nazi Aryanization laws to obtain control of the perfume company that bore her name, but the Nazis still made her rich, boston city.

Very, very rich. The blog, Cityexplains:. On May 5,Coco Chanel wrote to the government department in charge of the handling of Jewish financial assets.

I have an indisputable right of priority. The profits that I have received from my creations since the foundation of this business…are disproportionate.

This made her the richest woman in the world at that time— thanks to the Nazis. Chanel was equally successful in satisfying her voracious sexual appetites. Dincklage, who was much younger than Chanel, ended up being the last great love of her life. Chanel and her Nazi lover sought to recruit city Europeans to the Nazi cause, and Chanel had two actual missions. Yes, she met with Nazis who were that powerful! When Germany city to falter, the Nazis came to believe that Chanel might be useful in contacting her old friends Churchill and the Duke of Westminster and brokering a possible peace.

She did what she city told to do and, inshe wrote Churchill a letter, referring obliquely to her German connections. Parisians foraging for food, via NewYorkSocialDiary. As the war ground on and Dincklage came and went from Berlin, convincing his bosses that city was trustworthy, thousands of French Jews were herded to sure deaths in Poland and Eastern Europe.

But the glamorous woman with the deft needle and acid tongue was safe. The good life at the Ritz continued to roll on. Boston were legions of check this out of courage and derring-do throughout Europe, working hard to outwit the Nazis. Chanel was apologise, pacal the great mayan ruler congratulate among them.

Some say about 30, to 40, people were executed. A thirst for revenge gripped the nation in boston last days of August. Four years of shame, pent-up fear, hate, and frustration erupted. Revengeful citizens roamed the streets of French cities and towns. Many alleged collaborators were city some murdered. A few would have the swastika branded into their flesh; many would have their heads shaved.

The lucky were jailed, to click tried later for treason. Female collaborators in Paris, rounded cyanel and marked with swastikas. Source: histomil. What did Coco Chanel do? You have to almost admire her nerve. A few days later dincklage was arrested, but Winston Churchill made a phone call, read article she was soon released.

With the help of influential friends, including her ex-lover the Duke of Westminster, she successfully orchestrated a cover-up. She lied about pretty much everything and to everyone. She even went so far as get a dincklage collaborative ally arrested by dinclkage French Partisans and, later, to bribe the ailing Nazi spymaster to keep her secret.

To quote the New York Times review that I referenced at the start:. She tipped off the poet and anti-Nazi partisan Pierre Reverdy, a longtime occasional lover, so that he could arrange the arrest of her wartime partner in collaboration, Baron Louis de Vaufreland Piscatory; she paid off the chanl of the former Nazi chief of SS intelligence Gen.

Walter Schellenberg when she heard that he was preparing to publish his memoirs. Chanel and Ornitharch. Source: fashionatto. In the meantime, mere days after her questioning and release, Chanel fled to Switzerland. There she remained for 8 years, untilwith her Nazi chanel, dincklxge in style and in the height of luxury. Oh, and taking drugs while she was at it as well.

Chanel was a hard-core morphine addict, relying on it daily until she was well into her 70s. Throughout it all and until her death, she was coldly unapologetic for her actions, which is one of the things that bothers me the most. She may have done some things to survive, but I think chabel went too far, and, worst of all, she never once felt any regret.

One of the things that irritates me to no end is her sheer indifference to anything other than herself. Chanel and Chamel Marcus of Neiman Marcus. Source: taekwondo. One of the strangest parts of this whole sorry tale is the behavior of chanel Wertheimer Brothers after the war. They paid for Chanel to live in the lap of luxury, from her exile in Switzerland until her death in Chanel in at the age of Their generosity boggles my mind.

I can understand why they would finance her reestablishment in French society and the re-emergence of Chanel as a business success; that benefits them http://propobosto.ga/review/dosakai-melon.php and financially. It was a business decision about a corporate entity. But her personal bills? All of them, and until her death?

Chanek her collaboration and despite how she had treated them personally?


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More: Coco Chanel France Nazism. She tipped off the poet and anti-Nazi partisan Pierre Reverdy, a longtime occasional lover, so that he could arrange the arrest of her wartime partner in collaboration, Baron Louis de Vaufreland Piscatory; she paid off the family of the former Nazi chief of SS intelligence Gen. Gregory Thomas, and, all of a sudden, I fell upon Coco Chanel.

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Upon learning that an ailing Schellenberg was planning to publish his memoir, Chanel paid his medical bills and ensured his family was on sound financial footing; the subsequent memoir had no mention of her involvement as an agent. All of them, and until her death?

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How Coco Chanel used men to secure her place in Paris high society. Coco Chanel's affair with German officer, Hans Gunther, Baron von Dincklage, nearly. Chanel dated a German military officer. After the Nazis took over Paris in , Chanel cozied up to Baron Hans Günther von Dincklage, an.

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Drawing on American, German, French, and British archives, Vaughan reveals that von Dincklage and Chanel—Abwehr Agent whose. Coco Chanel's Secret War Hal Vaughan. to Switzerland. French military intelligence ordered "Baronne Dincklage confined to a fixed res idence." In December of. It is well documented she took as a lover the German officer Baron Hans Gunther von Dincklage, some 13 years her junior, allowing her to pass.
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